Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My vipassana meditation retreat experience

I went to a five-day forest meditation retreat under Ajahn Cagino's guidance. It has not been easy decision when I have finally signed up for the first ever long retreat as I need to be completely away from home and work. This mind is full of attachment.

This is a journey to spiritual awakening. Chained to our attachments, we perceive the world through our ideas, our thoughts , our mental constructs, taking these concepts to be the reality itself. The first three days was extremely intense as I was not used to sit for long hours and with no meals after lunch. I was aware of the boredom, hunger, defilement and cravings arises from time to time.

By the fourth day, I was able to sit longer hour with little pain. Pain is created by our mind as I have been told. We are told to investigate right here. Meditation is generally not well understood. When our mind is quiet during meditation, then we can see how things really are. Enlightenment is not something to get, it's something to realize.

I'm glad to have the chance to develop the practice to recognizing the contents of our mind. The Buddha taught us to see them just as they are. May all beings be well and happy.